Introducing Juicy Mail

The next-generation
email experience

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Juicy Mail rethinks everything about how email works and what it stands for.

Reimagined for the modern age, it transforms the way you communicate, share media, interact with notifications, manage your inbox, stay productive or track updates from your favorite publishers and brands.

It’s tailored for the variety of content that lives in your inbox and designed to give you the freedom to use it the way you want.

Forget the old email. Now you can get much more out of every second spent in your inbox.

Personalized workflows

A new way to
interact with email

Juicy Mail presents a brand new way of using email in an already familiar form factor. It was designed to bring you an effortless and seamless experience, no matter what you do. It’s personalized to you, so you can do more without having to learn much or alter your normal routine.

Fully personalized interface to match your workflow
Threads redesigned to enhance reading and communication
Built-in bot for your routine automation
An easier way to stay on top of your new messages, and the ones left for later
Advanced composing

Composing with

JuicyMail brings the powers of a full-on text editor combined with a file transfer service right to your inbox. Compose, customize, reorganize your messages with true style, or share any kind of media or embedded content in a breeze.

Share countless media types and files up to 10gb
Respond to a specific portion of a message
Write with powerful text formatting and styling
Custom folders

So many neat ways to organize your mailbox

Now you have the power to manage your emails the way you want.
Create custom mailboxes for specific teams, projects, or your favorite newsletters, as well as storage folders for any kinds of files, messages or interactive widgets. That’s just the tip of the iceberg, though — the possibilities are limitless.

Choose a perfect layout that matches the purpose
Organize hassle free using natural language or drag & drop
Create custom mailboxes or storage folders

There's more...

Interact with all your notification emails in one place

Say goodbye to the overwhelming deluge of notification emails from multiple tools and clicking endless links to perform the most basic tasks.

Widgets allow for instantaneous notifications and reactions right from the Juicy app. You’ll be able to respond to comments, get updates, review information and much more - all at lightning speed.

Discover newsletter you love in the Newsletter Directory

The Newsletter Directory is your digital marketplace that allows you to easily track down all the best newsletters from the topics that interest you.

Not only will you be first in line to check out new content from your favorite publishers, you’ll also be able to effortlessly discover new content, right within the Juicy app.

Never miss another meeting again.

JuicyMail’s built-in calendar keeps track of all your upcoming events — even the ones you might have overlooked.

Juicy will provide you with an overview of all the events you’ve been invited to, and gently remind about ones you haven’t responded to yet so you don’t miss a thing.

Introduce yourself to others using customizable digital business cards

Digital Business Cards make it easy to connect with others and gather all your pertinent details in one place so you can quickly introduce yourself to others.

Integrated contact lists and groups.

Juicy lets you create groups for all the people you communicate with regularly, and keeps a list of all the senders that have ever messaged you.

Runs on every device.
And offline

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